Nutritional Tips & Facts you should knowNutritional Guidelines from Concord Health

If you are confused about nutrition these days you are not alone. One
day a food is good for you, and the next it's not. What's healthy for one person is not always right for another. There are no "magic" pills and what works for your neighbor probably won't work for you.

Diets have become a trend rather than a lifestyle, but truthfully they only confuse your body and put money in the pocket of a company that is profiting from making promises. As consumers, we need to always consider the source of nutritional advice and articles. Educating you about what you are really eating and getting you to feel good about your choices is a main goal of holistic nutrition. The majority of foods in a grocery store are garbage and it is my job to help you navigate through the aisles and pick foods that support healthy functioning of your mind and body.

Here are some general guidelines and reasons why you should consider seeking guidance to a more whole foods diet.

  1. We consume numerous toxins on a daily basis that are in our foods, kitchen and the workplace.

  2. The FDA approves many toxic foods/supplements that are extremely harmful to our bodies short term and long.

  3. Your brain needs complex carbohydrates but you need to know which ones are of good quality and not causing inflammation or weight gain.

  4. The standard American diet does not support a healthy immune system and therefore causes one sickness that leads to another, especially once we begin taking medication for a problem.

  5. If you crave foods, you are out of balance and your body is telling you something. Your body doesn't make mistakes, your brain does.

  6. Sugar is in most of our foods and causes a number of health problems from fatigue to diabetes.

  7. Our food labels are hard to read and understand. There are many tricks to get people to buy packaged foods and animal products that are not safe.

  8. You can be healthy and free of medicines when your body is strong enough to heal itself